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The Next Drive Plug is a versatile IoT solution that allows USB devices to wirelessly connect to smart devices for easy file sharing, personal cloud storage, photo backups, music streaming and more.


This micro IoT computer in the shape of a small plug works with the corresponding Next Drive Connect App over a Wi-Fi connection to wirelessly link users' smartphones, tablets or laptops with USB devices - such as hard drives, webcams and CD-ROMs.

NextDrive Plug Datasheet


NextDrive Plug Brochure


NextDrive Plug website

NextDrive Plug User Manual


Upgrade the Plug’s firmware
via the NextDrive Connect App

Optimized Charging

Use the NextDrive Plug
as a charger

Direct Connect

Connect even
without a network


Remotely share
with your friends


2 or more Plugs
can work together

Extend Wi-Fi Signal

Extend the Wi-Fi signal to
where you insert the Plug